Which is the best Turkey sail?

The stunning Turkish coastline promises unforgettable moments and breathtaking views, but how to choose the best Turkey gulet cruise for you?

Among many cruise operators, Go Sail Turkey stands out as the premier choice for both 20-39s and older travellers. Of course, it’s easy to make such a bold claim, so what gives us the right to say we are unique? Have a look at these 6 compelling reasons:

1. Exclusive Routes: 7-day Fethiye to Bodrum (or vice-versa)

While other cruise operators may stick to the typical Fethiye-Olympos route, we set ourselves apart by offering exclusive and innovative routes. We are the ONLY company navigating the enchanting 7-day/6-night one-way Fethiye to Bodrum route (or 7-day Bodrum to Fethiye). See this article for all the reasons why this route is the best and why we are the only company to run it: https://gosailturkey.com/2023/11/20/why-is-fethiye-to-bodrum-the-best-sail-route-in-turkey/

2. Short 4-Day Options

Many travellers prefer to do a 4-day/3-night cruise rather than the full 7-day/6-night version. So we created 4-day/3-night cruise options. This flexibility ensures that even those with limited time or budgets can experience the magic of cruising the amazing sections of coastline between Bodrum and Marmaris or Fethiye and Marmaris

3. Unmatched Comfort: Overnight Air-Conditioning

A good night’s sleep is vital to an enjoyable cruise experience and the heat of the Turkish summer often results in very hot cabins, where it becomes impossible to get that oh-so-important shut-eye. Setting a new standard, we are the only cruise operator in Turkey offering overnight air-conditioning in ALL cabins. Passengers can rest comfortably, waking up rejuvenated and ready for another day of Turkey sailing adventures.

4. Personalised Service: Onboard Representative and Tour Leader

Our guests’ satisfaction extends beyond providing a comfortable sail. You also want to feel informed on the day’s activities/itinerary and have someone around to answer questions and help with any unexpected situations (this is a sail adventure, where anything can happen!). Being honest, the level of English of most Turkish crew members is not great, so it’s important to have an English-speaking rep on board.

Therefore, we are proud to say that we are one of the only companies with onboard representatives. We usually have one representative for every 1 or 2 boats. Our reps offer fascinating insights into the destinations, but also serve as a touchpoint, to assist with any queries or issues that may arise. Very reassuring!

5. Culinary Excellence: Meals served onboard

A cruise with us is a culinary delight! Every year we make significant investment in creating a diverse menu with the freshest ingredients, offering two or three meals a day (see itineraries). Without naming any names, we are aware that many other companies are slashing their budgets when it comes to onboard meals, leading to unhappy passengers. Conversely, we are investing MORE in meal budgets and the feedback from our previous passengers speaks volumes, with many expressing their amazement at the quality and variety of the onboard cuisine.

6. Tailored Experiences: Cruises by Age Range

Recognizing that different age groups prefer to travel together, we have tailored our cruises to specific age ranges: (1) 20-39s and Mixed-age cruises for 10-69s.

This helps build a more harmonious atmosphere, where passengers can connect with like-minded shipmates!

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