Why travelling by ferry is the best way to get to my Sail Turkey

Whilst exploring Turkey and her neighbouring countries (especially Greece!), ferry travel is an often overlooked way to make those essential connections between destinations.

For most of our travellers, Turkey will not be the only European/Asian stop off, so why not enjoy a bit more of the Mediterranean coastline in between.

Why choose the ferry?

  • Cheap – Ferries in Turkey are much cheaper than flying and depending on the start point of your trip, there are many ferry routes that are budget friendly and fun! Travelling by ferry allows you to see parts of the coast you would normally miss if you were to fly, and they’re often quicker than by bus or train. Make sure to book in advance and avoid peak travel times to get those cheaper tickets!
  • Sociable – Many backpackers and solo travellers chose to travel by ferry over other modes of transport as you are almost guaranteed to find other passengers doing the same route as you, and this is a great way to make new friends or gain inspiration for new destinations from fellow travellers.
  • Freedom on board – Rather than being confined to a designated seat or cabin, you can grab a snack and roam about freely. Most ferries even have luxury lounges, where you can pay a bit extra and hang out in air-conditioned rooms with a freshly made meal. If the lounge isn’t for you (or your bank balance) the top deck might just do the trick! Treat yourself to a cold beer and enjoy the stunning views of the Med that drift by.
  • Benefits of the sea-breeze – Everybody loves the ocean and the ebb of the waves on your journey will lull the brain into a calm meditative state. This means a fresh-faced, rejuvenated feeling for your next destination, or your Go Sail Turkey cruise with us.
  • Stress-free – Unlike flights where you need piles of paperwork and have to worry about luggage allowance, ferries are quick and easy to board. Just turn up to the correct port no more than 60 mins before departure, load your baggage and let the journey commence. We do recommend booking your ferries in advance, especially if travelling in high season to ensure you get a spot. At the end of this article, you can see a link to FERRYHOPPER, where we suggest booking your ferries, they make life very stress-free when it comes to finding the right route for you.
  • Best locations – instead of flying into airports that need an additional shuttle into the nearest city centre, most ferries take you directly to the centre of town or convenient port near the action. No traffic, no extra shuttle bus cost, no stress!

Getting to Turkey:

Arrival from Greece is the most popular way to get to your gulet in Turkey, and this gives you a chance to explore other Greek islands before or after your sail. There are many well established ferry routes between Greece and Turkey, and they happen to fit nicely with our departure and arrival locations. Make sure you know where your boat is departing from so you don’t hop on the wrong ferry!

Routes from Greece – Turkey:


Kos is the island that links Bodrum to Greece, only 20km across the Aegean as the crow flies.

Kos is part of the Dodecanese islands in southern Greece. Covered in roman architecture, sandy beaches and hidden coves, this sleepy little island is the perfect place to hit before or after your sail with us in Turkey.

4 ferries run from Kos to Bodrum per day, ranging in price from 17-24 Euros. The ferry takes around 30mins to 1hr.


The best way to get to Fethiye is via ferry from Rhodes.

Rhodes is the most popular islands in the Greek archipelago and is a bucket list destination for anyone travelling Europe. With the old city being one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, you would be silly to miss it! Luckily enough, there is a direct ferry line between Rhodes and Fethiye, so whether you choose to do Greece or Turkey first, this island slots in perfectly with your plans.

There are two ferries that run every day from Rhodes ferry port to Fethiye, and cost between 25-29 Euros. The ferry takes roughly 2hrs and gets you into Fethiye port, close to the town.


The best way to get to Marmaris is also from Rhodes. There is one ferry per day, and it takes about 1 hour. Departing from Rhodes ferry port, you will arrive in Marmaris with plenty of time to explore!

When planning your sail with us, you could also go the other way round and fly into Turkey, explore the country and do the sail, then take a ferry to Greece (to Kos or Rhodes from Fethiye, Marmaris or Bodrum) after your cruise.

So, when the time comes to book your Sail Turkey, keep in mind the humble ferry as an option to get to us.

We highly recommend using FERRYHOPPER to book your ferries – the app is super easy to navigate, and the team are always happy to help with bookings!


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