Why is Fethiye to Bodrum the Ultimate Sail Route in Turkey

The Fethiye to Bodrum and Bodrum to Fethiye itineraries are new and innovative routes for intrepid travellers looking for a Sail Turkey experience with a difference. While other companies might stick to the typical Fethiye-Olympos routes, we’re offering a sail unlike any other, and for good reason!

This route has short and long variations, suitable for everyone’s preferences and how it can fit into their flight options and visits to other parts of Turkey and further afield to Greece:

We developed this new route in 2018 while running the Fethiye-Olympos route, as we found there were so many exciting places to visit between Fethiye and Bodrum. However, the issue was that all these destinations could only be done in one trip if the cruise was over 7 days ONE-WAY, which no other company was willing to risk as the return leg the following week would have to be filled. Happily, we find that Fethiye-Bodrum and Bodrum- Fethiye are equally as popular and here are all the reasons why you need to do it as soon as possible!

Natural Beauty

Most blue cruises in Turkey offer beautiful scenrey, but we found that this special route offers some truly exceptional views of the Turkish coastline, with more stunning landscapes and secluded bays than between Fethiye and Olympos. Some of the highlights are Loryma Bay, Turtle Beach, the Dalyan River Delta and Hamam Bay.

Historical Significance

Along the Fethiye to Bodrum route, travellers get to visit some real must-see historical sites and ancient ruins that capture the imagination, instead of just seeing yet another generic amphitheatre or mosque. The highlights are the Ancient Greek city of Knidos (really something special!), Bozukkale citadel (more popularly known as the broken castle, which is good to climb for the views), and Cleopatra’s Baths (you can swim in them!).

The best cities for shopping and nightlife

This route also offers the best cities for exploring and going out on the town, plus a blend of traditional Turkish culture, hospitality, and local cuisine. Marmaris is one of the most vibrant cities on the coast, with exciting nightlife and bustling shopping districts. The big bonus is that your boat will overnight there, right in Marmaris harbour!

Besides Marmaris, Fethiye and Bodrum are extremely popular tourist destinations, and we definitely recommend exploring these cities before or after your cruise going in either direction.

Datca is also worth a mention. While it is not as large as the “big 3” mentioned above, it holds its own with some delightful restaurants, roof-top bars and waterside pubs.

The sheer variety of activities

Sailing along this route provides access to the usual daily recreational activities you would expect on a Turkey Sail such as swimming and snorkelling in bays. This unique route also has endless opportunities for hiking, exploring nature reserves such as Turtle Beach, visiting Dalyan for the mud bath experience, and of course the aforementioned nightlife, shopping, historical sites and local cuisine at coastal restaurants and cafes. What more could you want?

Well-Equipped Marinas

The presence of several well-equipped marinas and harbours along the Fethiye to Bodrum route ensures that there are mooring facilities at places such as Marmaris and Datca, several fuel stations, provisioning services, and technical support, making the whole journey much more convenient and comfortable than other routes.

Of course, we are very biased, but we think you will be very hard pressed to find a better route than this!

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