Exploring Turkey’s Thriving Nightlife Scene: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about the perfect balance between nights anchored on the boat and nights partying on the mainland during your sail adventure in Turkey? Brace yourself for a unique and relaxed experience, which is distinct from similar trips in Croatia or Greece. On routes such as the Fethiye to Bodrum sail, you’ll have the best of both worlds—some nights out in vibrant spots like Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Datca, and other nights spent on the boat, where the sea becomes your playground and the boat your dancefloor! Picture game nights under the stars or hosting your own boat party.

Get ready for a week that seamlessly blends tranquillity with lively coastal festivities.


When you head to Marmaris, a day of exploration awaits. During the day, you’ll likely be visiting the vibrant grand bazaar for a bustling shopping experience. As evening falls, you have the option of following your onboard rep to the Castle Bar, a rooftop establishment boasting a mesmerizing view. Ascending the steps has a deserved reward, as the cocktails are delicious!

Marmaris transforms into a lively hub at night, offering a dynamic entertainment scene. Post-visit to the rooftop bar, returning to the boat provides an opportunity for games and refreshments before transitioning to the city’s club scene, which kicks off around midnight. These evenings often feature a ‘Secret Santa’ style tradition, where passengers purchase amusing items for each other to wear during the night out. All the gifts are then given to the captain, who creates a draw to determine the recipients of these surprises. Marmaris marks the midpoint of the cruise for those on a 7-day boat excursion, with some passengers on a 4-day trip potentially checking out the following day.


Datca, a gem on your sailing route, promises a night to remember. Your onboard representative can take you to Dulcinea, a rooftop bar with panoramic views and a laid-back vibe, where you can savour reasonably priced cocktails, wines and beers.

After the rooftop magic, you can return to the boat for a few more drinks, setting the stage for the next adventure. Feel the pulse of Datca’s nightlife as you head to a nearby club (despite its smaller size, Datca punches above its weight when it comes to nightlife). On the way to the club, you can catch live music coming from other bars, adding an extra layer to your unforgettable night in this charming destination.


Whether you’re starting or ending your journey, Bodrum’s famous nightlife is a real experience. This bustling city boasts beachfront restaurants and A LOT of bars! As the sun sets, the streets come alive, offering a choice of venues for sipping cocktails, socialising and dancing.  Renowned as one of Turkey’s best party towns, Bodrum ensures a night out is unforgettable – good places to check out are Adamik (a bar for rock lovers), Yok Deve (a pub vibe with live music) and Mandalin (club tracks and local music). We would recommend staying a night in Bodrum before or after the cruise depending on which route you are taking.


Fethiye also has a very vibrant nightlife with its narrow streets in the old town (known as Paspatur) lit up by bars, restaurants and boutiques. Again, this is where you will be starting or finishing your trip, much like Bodrum.

As you’re walking through the network of streets, it’s impossible not to stop and grab a cocktail or two as the atmosphere draws you in. In high season the bars are packed, which makes the streets so lively as the parties spill outside. Special mention goes to bars such as 4Corner (great for starting the night off and has Turkish street food on the menu), Deep Blue (on the main thoroughfare) and Boga Club (good atmosphere but can be pricey!). If you like live music, then you’ll love Fethiye as you can hear live music (much of it in Turkish) in many establishments – Minimal Bar, near Fethiye’s amphitheatre, is worth a visit.  

Fethiye Old Town is not the only part of the city with entertainment though. If you are staying more than a night or two then you can check out the Calis strip, which has lots of restaurants that feature dance nights when the kitchen closes, or the notorious Hisaronu area (about 20 mins away by taxi or local Dolmus mini-bus), which is has a fun but seedy vibe and it very much tailored to the mainly British/European scene.

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