A Culinary Journey Aboard Your Go Sail Turkey Adventure


One of the best things about going on holiday is having other people cook for you! (unless you are self-catering, and who wants to do that?)

Go Sail Turkey cruises include full-board meals, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided (dinner is excluded while boat is docked in the cities).

We are often asked to describe the meals in more detail, which is why this article exists. Please note, this is an overview of often-served meals – not a guarantee that you will get this exact food during your trip with us.


Nothing beats a Turkish breakfast. Nothing.
Turks pride themselves on their breakfasts – it really is a feast. Usually served from around 7.30am to 9am, breakfast is presented buffet-style with a selection of bread, fruit, yoghurt, honey, cucumber, olives, tomato, cheese, spreads (margarine, butter, jams) and cereals. The chef then cooks up a hot addition in the form of omelettes, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or sausages.
Of course, breakfast drinks are also included: fruit juice, tea (English breakfast, herbal, fruit teas), and coffee (instant or filter).


Lunch is served from around 12.30pm-1pm onwards and is also served buffet style. This meal is almost-always vegetarian (no meat or fish).

Dish options include pasta (usually penne or fusili), mixed-salad, bulgur wheat, filled pastries, grilled vegetables, paprika yoghurt, aubergine casserole, fritters.

Side dishes and extras include water-melon, feta cheese and bread.


Dinner is served from around 7pm onwards and is centred around a main dish, which is usually a meat dish (lamb, chicken or beef, never pork) served as steaks, meatballs, marinated strips, or grilled fish straight from the onboard BBQ.

Side dish options include potato creations (mashed, sauteed etc), boiled or steamed vegetables, bean casseroles, mixed-salad, spaghetti and pastries.
For vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians etc, don’t worry – the chef can always make alternatives for you (see below).

onboard bbq


Between lunch and dinner, in the late afternoon around 4pm, we also serve afternoon tea (a Turkish tradition), consisting of Turkish tea (herbal teas also available) and a selection of biscuits!


We are aware that many of our customers have more specific dietary requirements. These could be due to an allergy or condition (gluten-free, lactose intolerant, nut allergies, shellfish allergies), a preference not to eat certain animal or dairy products (pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans) or for a cultural or religious reason (no pork, no beef, no shellfish). For whatever reason, if you have a dietary requirement, then we can cater for it!

We only ask that you let us know in advance via the booking form or an email at least a few days before your departure date. We are happy to purchase alternative ingredients but as it is a real art form for our wonderful chefs to produce delicious food for so many people from a limited kitchen, we really need some advance notice of any special requirements!

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