Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Unforgettable Go Sail Turkey Adventure

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As you plan for your summer trip, it’s important you pack well to avoid spending money on things you already have at home, as it’s not cheap replacing items you might have forgotten to pack (such as good brand sunglasses or flip-flops). You need to spend as much time as possible enjoying yourself, without wasting time hunting for things you left at home!

The Obvious Stuff

Here is a checklist of 8 of the more obvious items that you would need for your trip:

  • Passport and appropriate visas (for visa requirements to Turkey, see this article)
  • Swimming gear. Swimsuits, bikinis, board shorts, budgie smugglers: whatever your style is!
  • Sunglasses. We recommend a pair of sport-style glasses if you plan to do any active excursions such as biking, hiking or buggy trips.
  • Comfy closed-toe shoes. If you want to hike up to somewhere like Simena fortress to get a killer view, proper closed-toe trainers/sneakers are a must! If you want to go paragliding, they are essential.
  • A fleece or jacket. If you are travelling in the lower season months such as April/May or October then the evenings can be cooler, when a warmer top would be treasured.
  • Plug adaptor. Turkey uses the standard European 2-pin plug (220 volts) so if your appliances need it, bring an adaptor or 2!
  • Headache tablets. Our crew members are not allowed to give out pain-killing medicines from the first-aid kit for headaches or other minor pain so we strongly recommend packing painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen for personal use.
  • Travel Insurance. Often overlooked, often regretted when overlooked! Get good insurance coverage from your home country to ensure any mishaps, thefts, losses or missed departures can be reimbursed.
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Not-so-obvious items to pack or buy in Turkey

Here are 6 items you should pack or purchase that might not spring to mind so easily:

  • Smart clothes. Turks like to dress up a little for a night out at a club or nice restaurant. So if you want to fit in, pack a smart shirt or dress or two to look the part.
  • Beach and Bath towels. Neither bath nor beach towels are included on board.
  • Sports camera. Most travellers use the cameras on their smartphones these days. However, nothing beats a Go-Pro style waterproof sports camera for all your jumps off the boat, snorkelling shots and rafting excursions!
  • Mosquito spray. Mosquitoes are not as numerous in Turkey as you might expect, but at some dock locations or outdoor restaurants they can be a real pest, especially if you react badly to their bites. Buy a good spray (brands such as “Off!” are pretty effective) and use it.
  • Snorkel kit. Our boats have a few snorkel kits onboard, but you may miss out as demand exceeds supply onboard, and future Covid regulations may prevent them from being shared. So if you are a keen snorkeller, bring a set with you, or buy one in Turkey.
  • Floaties. Again, some inflatable beds and rings may be available onboard, left over from previous cruises. If you want your own then there are plenty available at the markets in Fethiye, Kas and Demre.

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